Who Unfriended Me On Facebook

THERE ARE LOTS of sites that enable you to see who has unfollowed you on Twitter.

Detecting that has actually done the exact same on Facebook has, to day, been trickier. And also to be truthful, it's possibly not something a lot of us want to know, taking into consideration that Facebook has a tendency to be used for people we consider to be friends and not the larger public, that we might not have met.

To put it simply, it's hard not to take a defriend/unfriend directly on Facebook.

Yet if you need to recognize, a brand-new web browser expansion makes it easy to find out who has actually kicked you off their Facebook buddies list.

It's called "Unfriend Notify" and also it benefits Firefox and Chrome.

Who Unfriended Me On Facebook

Below's just how it services Chrome. Prepare yourself, it's incredibly simple.

Go to right here and click Free. This will begin the expansion download:

Then click Add:

Then you can visit Facebook. In your pals list, a brand-new tab will appear called "Lost Buddies." It will certainly show you individuals who have unfriended you since the last time you clicked the tab.

We're not exactly sure we would like to know when a pal unfollows on Facebook-- it's more personal than Twitter, isn't it?-- but for those who do, now you can.