Who Like My Facebook Page 2019

Facebook supplies an easy method for you to see the details of all of those that have actually liked your Facebook Page. However, it's not obvious unless you know where to look. This article reveals you Who Like My Facebook Page by showing you where the information lies on your Page.

Facebook provides different listings of individuals as well as various other Pages that have actually liked your Page. The lists are sorted to ensure that the most recent 'likes' of your Page show up initially.

Who Like My Facebook Page

Steps to learning who has liked your Facebook Page On a desktop, laptop computer or tablet:

1. Go to your Facebook business Page. (Make sure you're visited to Facebook.).

2. Click the 'Settings' link. (See SmartPhone steps further down the Page.).

3. When the 'Settings' Page opens up, scroll down the checklist of options on the left and also click on 'People and Other Pages'.

The 'People and Other Pages' Area

When the 'Individuals and also Various other Pages' area opens, it will certainly open up to a checklist of 'Individuals That Similar To This Page' and also show:.

- Their profile image.
- Their name.
- The date every one liked your Page.

You can scroll through the names to see who has liked your Page - they're arranged beginning with one of the most recent sort - or make use of the search field (see listed below) to discover a certain name.

To discover what Pages have liked your Page click the down arrowhead to the right of the 'People Who Like This Page' area.

The listing will certainly include the Page name, the Page's account image as well as the day when they liked your Page.

On a smartphone:

- Go to your Facebook service Page. (See to it you're visited to Facebook.).
- Click the 'More' web link that shows up near as well as beneath your Page's cover picture.
- Scroll down the listing of choices up until you find the 'Edit Settings' link, then click.
- Scroll down the list of 'Settings' up until you concern 'People and Other Pages'.
- Select from the menu alternatives offered to view the information you want seeing:

> Individuals That Such As This Page.
> Pages That Similar To This Page.
> Outlawed People as well as Pages.

Facebook Page Insights

Your Facebook Page supplies a wide range of info concerning those who have actually liked your Page.

Once you have actually scrolled with the names as well as pictures of those who have 'liked' your Page, head over to the Insights tab. The Insights tab lies at the top of your Page, simply listed below the primary Facebook dark blue bar.

The Insights tab gives all sorts of info related to Likes, Reach, Page Views, Actions on Page, Posts, People, etc.

For example, you could learn:

- exactly what countries and cities your fans are from, as well as their numbers;.
- what percent of your fans are women or men;.
- what percent of your fans come under various age;.
- when your followers are online;.
- the number of people gotten to with your material;.
- ... and also a lot more!