How to Post Images On Facebook Comments 2019

How To Post Images On Facebook Comments: You possibly understood you could post photos to Facebook in a condition update, but did you recognize you can post an image in a comment you make on someone else's post on Facebook? It hasn't already always been possible however. It wasn't up until June 2013 that the social media network began supporting photo-commenting, as well as it's built right into the site and mobile application.

Currently you can make a photo comment as opposed to just typical text, or post both a message comment as well as a photo to illustrate it. Whatever picture you choose to post shows up in the list of comments beneath the post to which it refers.

How To Post Images On Facebook Comments

This is a particularly nice feature to have for birthday celebrations and also various other holiday wishes considering that photos often state greater than words.

Formerly, to include an image to a comment, you had to submit a photo somewhere online and afterwards place the code that connected to the picture. It was unpleasant and also not as very easy as it is now.

Ways to Consist of an Image in a Comment on Facebook

The certain steps to do this are somewhat various depending on exactly how you access Facebook.

From a Computer System - Open Facebook in your preferred web browser on your computer. Then:

- Click Comment on your information feed beneath the post you intend to respond to.
- Go into any kind of message, if you want, then click the camera icon at the appropriate side of the text box.
- Pick the image or video you wish to add to the comment.
- Send the comment like you would certainly any other.

With the Mobile Application-- Making Use Of the applications for Android as well as iOS mobile devices, tap the Facebook application then:

- Tap comment below the post you want to Comment on to raise the online key-board.
- Enter a message comment and also tap the camera icon beside the text-entry field.
- Select the photo you want to comment with then touch Done or whatever various other switch is used on your gadget to exit that screen.
- Faucet post to comment with the picture.

Making Use Of the Mobile Facebook Site-- Utilize this method to send photo comments on Facebook if you're not using the mobile app or the desktop web site, however instead the mobile web site:

-Tap Comment on the post that ought to include the picture comment.
-With or without typing text in the given text box, tap the camera icon beside the text-entry area.
-Choose either Take Photo or Photo Collection to choose the picture you intend to place in the comment.
-Tap post to comment with the picture.