Facebook Timeline Activity Log

A Facebook Activity log notes all social Activity in chronological order, including posts, likes, followers, mentions, and also extra. Facebook Timeline Activity Log: Activity log additionally permits individuals to manage exactly what shows up on their page.

A major part of developing as well as keeping your organisation' brand is managing the conversation around it. Facebook Activity log serves as a control panel for your Facebook visibility, where you can inspect and edit your arranged posts or see what others are saying regarding you.

Facebook Timeline Activity Log

Taking care of arranged posts

The Activity log is a basic way to obtain an overview of previous and future posts. This high-level viewpoint is the ideal place to ensure your social media strategy is being implemented as well as shows overall brand marketing goals.

This can be particularly helpful if a message is time-sensitive. If the conditions or truths of an event adjustment, you could change your message prior to it goes up. Alternatively, if you assume a post is irrelevant or off-message, you can delete it completely.

Checking the discussion

Prior to you can regulate the conversation, you need to have the ability to understand exactly what's being claimed concerning you. The Activity log offers a review of all communications with your page, including comments, identified posts, as well as mentions.

Social network often signals organisations to any operational or IT problems, such as failed order satisfaction or website problems. Keeping tabs on your Activity log permits you to take quick action and also react to customer issues.

Dealing with posts and comments

Your Facebook profile or web page is your public face to the globe. Therefore, it is very important that you hug tabs on the discussions you create and are brought into.

For also the very best brands, unfavorable individual feedback is inevitable. Activity log lets you conceal or delete remarks and also untag on your own from posts you do not intend to be a part of. You could even use it to determine problem posters as well as limit their accessibility to your page. This doesn't imply concealing every negative message; actually, allowing the general public see you remedying a consumer problem or issue is healthy for a business. Yet not all vital posts will certainly be constructive, and also some might be vulgar or include language you don't want connected with your brand name.

Ways to Sight Your Activity Log

Keep in mind: These screenshots were caught in the Facebook app on iOS.

Action 1: From your Facebook house feed, tap your profile picture to visit your profile.

Action 2: Under your account image and name (and also bio, if you've included one), faucet "Activity Log." This will certainly take you to the timeline of your recent Facebook Activity.

Action 3: If you want to communicate with any one of the things in your Activity Log (for instance, to change the privacy setting on one of your posts), tap the arrow button to the right of the thing. Various options, such as Delete or Unlike, will show up, depending upon the kind of message you're communicating with.