How to Get to Timeline On Facebook

How To Get To Timeline On Facebook: Facebook Timeline acts as each user's personal dashboard on Facebook, showing their Profile Info and also visual background of all the actions they have actually taken on the social network.

How To Get To Timeline On Facebook

Facebook Timeline is developed to help people inform detailed stories concerning their lives-- with the "stories" consisting of posts, comments, likes and also various other content, along with recaps of people's communications with one another and also with software apps.

People have contrasted it to a digital scrapbook or visual diary of somebody's life. Timeline presented in 2011 to replace individuals' old Facebook Profile as well as Wall pages.

The Timeline page has three key locations-- a horizontal cover image stumbled across the leading and also two vertical columns down below. The column on the left consists of individual Info about the individual, and the column on the left is a sequential "timeline" of their activities on Facebook.

The Timeline column permits individuals to return in time to see what they as well as their Friends were performing in particular months or years. Each individual could modify it to delete or "conceal" posts they do not want to turn up there. Along with this sequential Activity diary, the Timeline page uses other durable, personalized functions, yet they aren't particularly well recognized or widely utilized.

Below are the crucial parts of Facebook Timeline:

01. Cover Image on Facebook Timeline

This added big banner or horizontal image appears throughout the top of your page. It can be a photo or various other visual photo. Its purpose is to welcome site visitors and make a visual declaration regarding you. Be aware that your Timeline cover image is public by default and can be viewed by every person. To duplicate, the exposure of a cover image can not be restricted-- Facebook calls for that it be public, so choose this photo with care. Its dimensions are 851 pixels broad and 315 pixels tall.

02. Profile Picture

This is the photo of you, typically a head shot, inset at the bottom left your Timeline cover. A smaller sized version likewise is shown throughout the network beside your condition updates, comments as well as Activity notices current feeds and also tickers of your Friends. Be aware that like the cover photo, this Profile image is public by default. It works best if the image you submit is at least 200 pixels large.

03. Thumbnails on Facebook Timeline

These tiny photos appeared in a straight strip beneath your Timeline Cover, to the right of your Profile image, in the very first version of Timeline, yet that strip of adjustable pictures was subsequently erased. The picture strip was indicated to illustrate your Facebook Info by group as well as to let people swiftly browse different groups of content. By default, Timeline showed images for 4 groups: Friends, photos, likes and also map. When Facebook redesigned as well as eliminated the straight strip of thumbnail, the groups came to be small boxes or "areas" under the "About" column running down the left side of the main profile/Timeline page. You could transform which classifications are revealed under "About" by editing and enhancing the About sections, as clarified listed below.

04. Personal/Work/About Me Info

Areas of your bio and also personal likes/media tastes appear in the "About" column on the left below your Profile and cover images on your Facebook Timeline page. Access the food selection for changing it by clicking the "About" tab or the "Update Info" tag that appears superimposed on your Cover image Complete as a lot profile detail as you like, consisting of birthday celebration, home town, get in touch with Info and also various other individual information. However always remember: Profile Info can be customized to identify that could view it. If you do not desire everything public (who would certainly?), restrict watching for each and every classification in your basic Profile. Facebook added some brand-new areas to the "About" page in very early 2013, including the capacity to showcase favored movies, publications as well as various other media. For even more comprehensive guidelines on modifying your Profile, see our illustrated, detailed Edit About Profile Tutorial. More ".

05. Life Events

The "Life Event" box shows up straight below your Profile photo on the Facebook Timeline. It has a dropdown menu inviting you to include personal Events to your timeline, together with pictures as well as other media. You can likewise access the "Life Event" box reduced on the page, together with specific months and years in your Timeline, using a drifting food selection bar. You could add Events that happened years back-- yet be encouraged that Facebook will certainly reveal the date you published it, as well as the day the Event happened. Key Event groups include work and education and learning, household as well as partnerships, residence as well as living, health as well as health, and traveling and experience.

06. Timeline Navigating

Timeline navigating can seem tricky in the beginning. There are two vertical timeline bars. The one on the right (revealed here) is a slider permitting you to glide up and down in time and also see various material from your Facebook life. An upright line likewise runs down the middle of the page, separating it into two columns. The dots along that line stand for compressed activities; click them to see even more activities. This middle upright line represents the slider, revealing what appears by date as you move the slider backwards and forwards.

Stories show up on both sides of the middle line. What Facebook calls "stories" are actions you have tackled the network and product you have posted prepared in reverse sequential order, with the most recent at the top. They include standing updates, comments, image albums, games played and also more. By default, all activities formerly designated as public will show up on the timeline. But you could selectively modify them by mousing over each Event. You could hide, remove or even add brand-new content. New content included is public by default, so be sure to utilize the audience selector if you desire just your Friends to see points.

A drifting menu bar with icons likewise looks like you browse up and down your Timeline, checking out activities. This drifting menu is made to allow you add as well as modify material in-line on the chronology. Float your computer mouse over the central blue line and also click the plus sign making the food selection bar show up at any moment.

07. Activity Log

This keeps an eye on all your activities on Facebook; consider it as a background of you on Facebook. It includes a list of all the stories on your Timeline; you can modify every little thing on it. You could delete or include stories, pictures and videos. You can additionally "conceal" them, implying no one can see them other than you, and also you will certainly still have the ability to reactivate them and make them visible later on. This "Activity Log" page is your master control dashboard for all the content in your Facebook Timeline. It has a small menu at the top with a dropdown menu showing each year since you've joined Facebook. Click to alter the year as well as see exactly what's on your Timeline for that year.

08. Map

Timeline has a topographic map that can show you where you were when you uploaded stuff to Facebook or where your activities took place, if you enabled locations or areas for Facebook. The Timeline map has a menu inviting you to add Events as well as place them on the map. The idea is to let people scroll through your life history on a map, however the privacy effects are substantial as well as have maintained a lot of people from using this feature.

09. View As Public/Others

The "View As" button allows you to see how your Timeline aims to other individuals. You could see just how the general public will see your Timeline (bear in mind, your Profile and also cover photos are both public), which could help you see if you inadvertently have left any kind of product "public." You could also choose a particular person or listing of Friends and see precisely how they could see your Facebook Timeline. It's a great way to confirm that your target market selector tool functioned the means you desired it to.

10. Friends

The "Friends" button permits you to access your listing of Facebook Friends from your Timeline. The Friends food selection likewise lets you manage that you're connected with, how much you see from each of them in your news feed and ticker, as well as just how much of just what you publish you wish to show each friend.

This Friends web link is an excellent area to visit every now and then to handle your listing of Friends. Facebook provides you with powerful tools to conceal Friends on Facebook( which means hiding just what they compose from your information feed) and for creating Facebook Friends lists to make it easy to send posts to simply specific Friends.