How to Copy and Paste to Facebook Wall

How To Copy And Paste To Facebook Wall: Facebook permits users to get in touch with household, colleagues and also friends brand-new and also old. Individuals could send out messages to friends, post events, share status updates and comment on friends' walls. The built-in copy-and-paste function of Windows computer systems likewise works with Facebook. Members of the site could copy favorite or important text and paste it right into their profile page or on a friend's account page.

How To Copy And Paste To Facebook Wall

Action 1: Log in to your account at

Step 2: Click and highlight the text you want to copy.

Action 3: Press the "Ctrl" and "C" keys concurrently to copy the text.

Tip 4: Click inside the area you want to paste the text.

Tip 5: Press the "Ctrl" as well as "V" secrets at the same time to paste the text.

How to copy and Paste Text on Facebook App on iPhone/iPad

Approach 1- Copy-Paste on Facebook Apps Utilizing Facebook Messenger

Action 1. Open Your Facebook App on your iPhone/iPad. Select the post which you want to share.

Action 2. You'll discover 3 alternatives right here like, comment and share, simply below the post.

Step 3. Click on "Share". Now click "copy Link to post".

Step 4. Now open your Facebook Messenger app and select on your own to conversation. Simply paste the web link, which you had actually replicated from Facebook application.

Step 5. Open that web link in your messenger, Currently you have the ability to copy text from here. Cheers !!

Step 6. After replicating text, you can easily paste on your wall from Facebook application or other platform.

That's it. It's time to enjoy this tiny trick of duplicate and paste text from Facebook application on apple iphone without opening your internet browser. In fact, share option is presently thinking of iphone Facebook Apps, still waiting it to appear on android Facebook apps additionally in following coming updates.

Approach 2- Utilizing Screenshot and OCR [for Android as well as iPhone]

As a result of updates, previous method could not work all time or work openly without doing anything however you are landed here to learn all possibilities of ways to copy and also paste texts from facebook apps.

So right here is another approach.

1. First take the screenshot of the text from FB app display.
2. Currently download any type of OCR( optical character reader ) app from play store or iTunes.
3. As soon as mounted, open the screenshot in OCR application. This application will certainly check out the all texts from your picture and also converts it right into editable form. Now copy the text as well as utilize it.

It seems laborious! Yes it is.

However this method is helping both iPhone and Android phone.

Approach 3. From Your Mobile Internet Web Browser

It is evergreen approach for all gadgets. I recognize most the people understand this yet I'm explaining it here for those who do not know. So what is this approach?

-Simply open your web browser in your smartphone.
-login to your Facebook account.
-From here you could copy anything from facebook whatever you desire simply by going to any kind of post and also long press anywhere and also you'll get alternative to copy messages.

Now you found out how to copy and paste on Facebook on iPhone, iPad or Android phones. Use any one of your selection as well as share your experience with us. If I'll obtain any other much easier working method, certainly I'll share below so stay in touch with us.
UPDATE: Update your Facebook app as well as you will get this function in application itself. No have to follow above approaches.