How to Get My Facebook Username

How To Get My Facebook Username: ( Note: Your Facebook username is NOT necessarily the same as the thing you enter when logging in to Facebook. Logging in to Facebook can be done with your e-mail address, username, or contact number. So it is feasible to do Tip 1 even if you do unknown your username.).

How To Get My Facebook Username

Visit to Facebook from a computer (not from a mobile phone, which might have a different screen format).
In the top right hand corner, crossing you should see very first your name, after that "House", then a few more symbols, as well as ultimately a triangular pointing down. Click the triangle, then in the dropdown food selection choose Setups.

This should load the General Account Settings page. If it loads a different web page, click General from the menu left wing and it ought to pack.

When the General Account Setups web page tons, Username will be the second product provided.