How to Turn Off Video Autoplay In Facebook

How To Turn Off Video Autoplay In Facebook: ave you seen videos playing immediately on your Facebook & Instagram feeds?

How To Turn Off Video Autoplay In Facebook

Many individuals discover this bothersome-- which's easy to understand.

Facebook did this so you would certainly view even more video clips on their sites.

And of course, as a company owner, you ought to definitely be posting even more video clips on Facebook & Instagram!

On Facebook, the sound on auto-play video clips is muted up until you click the video.

Autoplay on Instagram includes audio & video, which can be awkward when you're sitting in a conference or on the commode.


Yeah ... it's time to stop the madness!

Sorry ... couldn't resist.:-RRB-.

Anyhow, would certainly you prefer to turn off these pesky auto-play video clips ?! Right here's how:.

Yes, Facebook Videos Autoplay ... Yet It's SO Easy to Turn Off.

It's really very easy to quit videos from playing instantly on Facebook. Below's just how I did it from my desktop computer:.

Click the dropdown arrowhead on the far appropriate & pick "Setups":.

Pick "Videos" from the left sidebar:.

The following display lets you choose to transform auto-play video clips off or on:.

Turn Off Auto-Play Videos on Your Mobile Phone.

It's probably most irritating on your smartphone when Facebook videos autoplay. These video clips will swiftly consume all your information if you're not mindful.

Here's exactly how I closed down auto-play video clips on my Android device:.

Beginning by tapping the "Settings" icon on the best side (the 3 stacked bars, aka the hamburger).

After that pick "App Setups":.

Next pick the "Video clip Auto-Play" web link:.

You'll after that see this pop-up:.

Right here's where you turn auto-play videos off & on.

You can additionally have them play only on wi-fi, which aids preserve your information strategy.