How Do You Close Facebook Account

How Do You Close Facebook Account: I love your ideas Rick, and I visit this site every early morning to see exactly what's new!
Currently, my concern: I'm attempting to totally remove my Facebook account due to the fact that I have actually seen just harassment on there given that I joined over a year back.

How Do You Close Facebook Account

The problem is I cannot locate a way to delete the account, just deactivate it. Can you help me discover it? Thanks!

Rick's answer: Many thanks for the kind words Marie. I actually appreciate your kindness! If you're bound as well as established to erase your Facebook account, it's truly easy to do, however discovering the web page you have to visit in order to do it is almost as difficult as driving a nail into an oak board with a damp pastas noodle.

Before I give you the web link for removing your account, allow's make certain that's what you actually wish to do ...

There are essentially 2 means to take an energetic Facebook account offline. The initial is to deactivate it, which properly makes your Timeline as well as every bit of information related to it instantly go away from other Facebook individuals. They won't be able to locate your page via the Search box and also they will not be able to contact you.

Deactivation has essentially the very same effect as deletion, with one substantial difference: If you deactivate your account it is just hidden, not gotten rid of. You could quickly re-activate it if you later on alter your mind as well as everything will certainly be as it was prior to you deactivated it.

This is exactly what I would suggest that you do, a minimum of in the short-term. By doing this you could believe it over for some time prior to making a final decision.

If you want to deactivate your Facebook account, here's just how:

1-- Log in to Facebook with your email address and password.

2-- Click the little down arrowhead in the top right-hand edge of the web page as well as choose Setups from the drop-down menu.

3-- Click the Safety link in the left-hand column. You'll locate the link to deactivate your account below the web page.

The second way to take your Facebook account offline is to completely delete it-- just what I refer to as the nuclear choice. Removing an account does simply that. It eliminates your account and all data associated with it from Facebook's web servers, leaving you no other way to alter your mind and reactivate the account later.

In other words, once a Facebook account has been erased, it is gone for life!

If you truly want to completely delete your Facebook account, it's exceptionally simple. Right here's exactly how:

1-- Log in to your account with your e-mail address and also password.

2-- Visit this page on the Facebook web site as well as click Remove My Account.

I wish this helps Marie. Good luck!

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