Make Facebook Cover Photo

Make Facebook Cover Photo: Facebook launched the Timeline format for accounts in December, with the pledge that the Timeline format will become obligatory for Accounts across the board.

Make Facebook Cover Photo

Upon hearing this statement, some people sobbed, some individuals screamed, however several people took advantage of the new Facebook "property" to get pretty darn imaginative.

Below are three of my preferred private Account Cover pictures:

Now Facebook is introducing Timeline for Pages-- and also on March 30, 2012, all Facebook pages will get the new design.

Discover your Page sneak peek today to get knowledgeable about the brand-new features (there are many), and begin thinking of a compelling and also one-of-a-kind image for your Page's Timeline Cover.

Here are three of my preferred Facebook Web page Cover pictures produced for nonprofits and services:

A Cover picture is 852 pixels vast by 315 pixels high as well as can be made use of to share a great deal of details regarding a business or organization. Use it intelligently as well as artistically and you will be pleased with the outcomes.

Finest practices for your Cover:

Consider it as a billboard. Signboards naturally could not have lots of message and also detail due to the fact that individuals just invest a 2nd passing them by. Covers, like signboards, need to promptly order your attention and also make you urged for more information.
Facebook Web Page Covers are an excellent method to get your company to convert your vital messages into visuals. Visuals are every little thing, particularly in this digital age.
If you have the budget plan, buy some special graphics from a professional designer. These will help you stick out from the pack.
Mix it up. It is very simple to change your Cover picture, as well as I suggest having a few on rotation so that your Web page doesn't obtain stale.
Put a watermark and your site on every picture. This is a good idea in general because of the simplicity of sharing pictures digitally.
You should be believing "Just how can I awe my customers with this image?" rather than "Exactly how can I utilize this image to offer things to my customers?"
The best ways to produce your Cover:

John Haydon has a wonderful "how-to" write-up as well as template for producing a Facebook cover.
There are 3rd party applications like myFBcovers and CoverCreator that will certainly utilize your pictures to create a snazzy Cover image.
If you have the abilities, there's always PhotoShop!