How to Hide My Facebook Friends List

How To Hide My Facebook Friends List: Facebook is public. Too public. You intend to have an account, you want to stay connected with our friends, yet occasionally it goes too far. Do all your buddies actually have to know about all your various other close friends? How around some personal privacy?

How To Hide My Facebook Friends List

Well, true to create, Facebook does not provide excessive of it. When it pertains to friends, lots of people desire they can hide certain close friends from particular various other close friends, or hide the fact that they have a mutual friend with someone. This can not be done.

What can be done, is hiding all your friends from all your friends, or concealing all your buddies from several of your close friends. One of our readers asked us to show you exactly how this is done. Adhere to the steps below, as well as you as well will certainly be able to get simply a little bit even more of that valuable privacy.

That Can See What?

Right now, there are two likely scenarios: either every person could see your close friends checklist, or only your pals can see your friends listing. No matter who could or can't see your complete buddies checklist, though, anyone could see if they have mutual friends with you and see who they are. This is feasible even if they're not your buddies.

One more possible situation is that nobody can see your buddies checklist, as well as if that holds true, you do not need this tutorial. If you would certainly like that to be the instance however uncertain the best ways to do it, maintain analysis. It's simple.

Hiding Your Pals Listing

If you utilized to understand ways to do this, and all of a sudden cannot locate it, it's not your fault. Facebook maintains changing the way its personal privacy setups look, as well as while one of the most current adjustment is absolutely for the very best, it can still get complicated.

To start, you should recognize that apart from buddies, you also have Facebook fans. We've told you everything there is to know about Facebook followers, so if you're uncertain just what they are, read about it. To sum it up, fans are people that can see just your public posts, if you have any type of. People could decide to follow without you needing to authorize it, as well as they likewise become your followers when they ask to be your good friends as well as you ignore them. Friends and also fans privacy is controlled from the same spot.

In your profile, click the Buddies tab. As soon as in, click the pen icon on the right, and choose Edit Privacy.

You'll currently have the ability to control privacy for both your buddies list as well as followers list. Each one of these can be readied to Public, Pals, Just Me, and also Custom-made. It can likewise be readied to a buddies checklist, if you currently have one.

To hide your buddies (or fans) list from everybody, select Only Me. If you select that, nobody will have the ability to see your complete close friends listing, but people that you have mutual friends with will certainly still be able to see those, so it's not complete personal privacy. It is essential to keep that in mind.

If there are only particular buddies you wish to conceal the list from, or specific close friends you want to still have the ability to see the listing, that's possible as well. Choose Custom, and specify precisely who you intend to be able to see or otherwise see your buddies list.

From here, you could additionally establish the listing to be noticeable to close friends of pals, which is more comprehensive compared to simply pals, yet not so public as Public.

If you normally intend to conceal your close friends listing, yet there's a significant team of friends you do intend to be able to see it, you do not have to key in their names one after the other. You could make use of a good friends checklist. If you're not exactly sure exactly what those are or how you can create one, checked out about using as well as developing Facebook pals listings. As soon as you have one set, you can choose to let just those individuals see your good friends (or fans) listing by picking the list from the dropdown food selection in the Edit Personal privacy home window.

Examining The Activity Log

There's one other place where you could regulate who sees your close friends listing, and also while it should synchronize itself with the method over, it doesn't hurt to examine this set also, simply in case. This setting resides in the Task Log. Unsure just what that is? That's since it's rather well hidden.

To access your activity log, click the Personal privacy Food selection button on the top food selection bar (the lock icon), click That can see my stuff then click the Use Task Log web link.

From here you can see all your recent activity on Facebook. Making use of the sidebar, you can tighten points down as well as look at certain things. Select Buddies from the sidebar (if you can't see it, click the MORE web link under Photos, Likes and Comments).

Now ensure that the privacy setup you desire truly does show up beside That can see your buddies checklist? on the top of the page. You could additionally change it from here, if it's easier for you.