Cancel Facebook

Cancel Facebook: Deep in the bowels of the Facebook aid facility, you can find the URL that will completely delete your Facebook account.

Cancel Facebook

Before I reveal you the web link, nevertheless, please check out the adhering to thoroughly:

Removing your Facebook will delete all of your account information as well as eliminate your capacity to login to the solution. No pictures, good friends, messages, status updates, etc. Inning accordance with Facebook, as soon as your account permanently erases, there is no way to restore your account or your information. With that said in mind, please move on reading all large as well as small print.

So let's get started on permanently erasing your profile.

You'll be asked to verify. Enter your password as well as address the CAPTCHA. Click Okay to continue.

All done, kind of.

Ways To See To It Facebook Completely Deletes your Account

After verifying the deletion of your account, Facebook will just deactivate it, leaving you 2 Week to log back in and also cancel the entire deletion. Sigh.

I recognize just what you're assuming: "Really? Fourteen days to remove my information?"

I finished the scavenger hunt as well as discovered the DELETE link.
I saw the BIG RED TEXT warning me my account would certainly be completely deleted.
I entered my password.
I assisted convert a book for GOOGLE by solving the Captcha challenge.
Lastly, I clicked the Okay switch
What part of erase my account don't you comprehend Facebook? Probably you thought I was joking? Or drunk? However if that's the case, why the five actions above? Yes, Regis, that's my final response! Remove my account!

I assume it's quite obvious now Facebook does not consider you a consumer from a customer care point-of-view. Facebook is in the information business-- more particularly, your data, as well as it will go to great sizes to keep details including your work, college background, pals, network, photos, tagged face, etc. which it managed to gather from you for many years in its social internet. The 14 day moratorium is Facebook's last-ditch effort to tempt you somehow back right into the service either inadvertently or from some subconscious Facebook dependency in order to abort the account cancellation procedure.

With this in mind, right here are a couple of tips to earn certain you don't "inadvertently" visit to Facebook hence aborting your account nuke procedure.

Clear your browser cache and also erase all cookies-- Firefox/ Net Traveler/ Secure Wipe w/CCleaner
Delete the Facebook Application on your iPhone (don't worry, it's complimentary if you ever before wish to add it again ...).
Stay clear of clicking the Facebook Share button on any type of websites you review such as the switch listed below (sorry, could not withstand ).
5/5/2010 UPDATE: Viewers UXP made an asset in his comment below reminding me that Facebook is additionally made use of by many individuals for single join for talking about blog sites or logging right into websites (like for example.) Various other instances-- Facebook chat clients like Pidgin or Adium. If you use these solutions, publish a discuss a blog making use of Facebook Attach, or visit to a site using your Facebook account throughout your 14-day waiting period, and also your FB account will certainly be reactivated. Ouch ... that a person is mosting likely to injure if your only Creds on or various other sites is your Facebook account.
Currently, I can't make any type of guarantees that after all this work (and 2 Week naturally) Facebook will certainly erase your account since it's not my business. This is, nonetheless, the procedure that it set out on its site (if you took care of to track it down). Best of luck; sadly, you'll need it.