How Can I See who Looks at My Facebook

How Can I See Who Looks At My Facebook: Just how can you tell who has been taking a look at your Facebook account?

How Can I See Who Looks At My Facebook

That's the inquiry I was asked yesterday.
It's a concern that lots of people have actually

asked, eager as they are to find out if that adorable girl from the accounts department has been checking them out, or whether the hunky

person at the health club meant anything

even more when he oh-so-carefully wiped his sweat off the treadmill.

And, of course, you could be eager

to discover if that weird man in the lunch

queue at the office is cyber-stalking you.

Bad news, I hesitate. There is * no * way that you can

learn that has been taking a look at your Facebook profile. The only people who could have the

data is Facebook itself, as well as it doesn't appear interested

in supplying the capability.

So anything which claims to offer you a method to figure out who has been peeking at your

profile, is probably a rip-off.

Wage care as well as take care not to be

fooled into clicking on any type of links, or completing any type of studies to obtain some "magic"

Facebook power.

Time and time again we have actually seen * thousands * of innocent Facebook customers be deceived right into making poor security choices, merely by being assured

the capacity to uncover who has actually read

their Facebook profile.

Thanks to reader Ruth for posing the

question. I hope this assisted address it, Ruth!

If anybody else has an inquiry - don't

hesitate to drop me a line at I can not

assure to answer them all, however I can constantly attempt ...

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