Archived Facebook Messages

Archived Facebook Messages: In the message-list window you can see a 'x' at the end of each message. If you click on it, the message is removed from the message-list. Yet, it is not deleted, so you can get it back if you like. To 'unarchive' the archived message click eyeglass icon close to "Search Message". As shown in figure below:

Archived Facebook Messages

When you click the icon, it expands to show you a food selection as shown in figure below. Click "Archived Message" to see all the messages you had archived before. You could review them or unarchive to remind the message-list.

Erasing Facebook message

To delete a message, open up an individual message by clicking one of the message revealed (received first figure above). The click "Activities" button beside "Search This Conversation" box as received the figure listed below. Click "Remove Messages ...".

If you have greater than one messages in the list, Facebook asks if you intend to "Remove All" or "Delete Selected". Pick the appropriate alternatives and also you have deleted the message.

As, removing eliminates message permanently, Facebook asks to confirm the final removal:.

I hope this tutorial is handy for S.S. and also other site visitors of this blog.